3 Gold Medals from Whiskies of the World

We’re so proud of how our spirits did at Whiskies of the World this year! Bourbon de Naranja even brought home Best in Class.


Bourbon de Naranja: Best in Class Gold

Orange-infused sherry barrels from Spain bring new life to our award-winning 4+ year bourbon. A finish in these unique barrels adds notes of citrus and cinnamon to our bourbon’s classic caramel and vanilla.

Single Barrel Bourbon: Gold

As they age, each oak barrel imparts its own distinct characteristics to our bourbon. We’ve selected a unique, exceptional barrel to present as a single bottling that showcases the structure of our larger batches.

Wheated Bourbon: Gold

Aged at least 5 years, our Wheated Bourbon is a softer, sweeter expression of Driftless Glen’s award-winning bourbon. Notes of butterscotch, vanilla, and caramel complement the subtle wheat aroma of this delectable whiskey.

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