Driftless Glen

An American Distillery

Brian & Reneé Bemis

At Driftless Glen, our goal is to make spirits just as unique as the people who taste them. So when we searched the country for a terroir harboring the grain and water necessary to make a matchless expression of bourbon and rye, we couldn’t ignore the Driftless Area in Wisconsin.

We discovered a bountiful region rich with peat, bogs, an amazing aquifer, and uncommon sandy soil for our grains to grow in. Now, people come from around the country to discover this region for themselves and to experience all that we have to offer.

Our edge of the Driftless Area is known as Sand County and is distinctive from the rest of the world because of the specific combination of temperature, water, soil, and weather – which all combine to help form our remarkable spirits.

Come visit us on the banks of the Baraboo River, the longest mainstream restored free-flowing river in America, and witness the masterful distilling process we use to bring our unique spirits to life.

We take pride in our 10,000-pound, 44-foot tall column still along with our one-of-a-kind pot still. Using local Midwest grain and water from the Driftless Region, we produce and barrel bourbon or rye daily, and we are always happy to demonstrate how important superior distillation is to us.

Come, share our dream and “Taste the American Spirit”.

-Brian & Reneé Bemis