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Private Events and Private Parties

Contact us to discuss your event needs whether you are hosting a private party, wedding shower, corporate event, family celebration, holiday party and more.

Driftless Glen has a wonderful outdoor patio overlooking the Baraboo River. This is another great option with outdoor space for your event.

Entire facility packages are available as well. Driftless Glen is the perfect venue for a private wedding event, shower, corporate events, family celebrations, holiday parties and much more.

VIP Room

Capacity: 12

Our Exclusive Intimate Private Party Room has a capacity of 12.  Our VIP room contains premium leather seating, an original barrel table and a number of original artworks.

Baraboo River Room

Capacity: 50

This room overlooks and offers a beautiful view of the Baraboo River. With a seating capacity of 50 guests, we can help you create a very memorable event. The comfort, class and exclusive ambiance of this room will surely impress.

Options for patio and entire facility packages are available as well.

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