Driftless Glen

Wisconsin Gins


Not your traditional gin

Driftless Glen gin is much different than your traditional gin using all Wisconsin botanicals. We wanted to make a gin as unique as the driftless area. Our gins are intricately balanced, Wisconsin smooth, and nature-rich.
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WisconGin is not your traditional gin.

This intricately balanced gin is crafted using only locally sourced Wisconsin organic botanicals. With its clean spearmint finish and subtle hints of cardamom and ginseng, it’s sure to capture your palette.

Driftless Glen set out to create a gin as unique as the Driftless region that it’s made in – and that is exactly what we did.

• Size: 750 ml
• 80 Proof
• 40% ALC by Volume

Silver Medal
American Craft Spirits Awards (ACSA) 2016

Bronze Medal
American Craft Spirits Awards (ACSA) 2018


Navy Strength Gin

Made with water that travels through the glens and dells that surround the distillery in the region that the glaciers left untouched.

Infused with traditional botanicals, the bouquet opens throughout this entire spirit with classical
juniper notes – like pre-prohibition gins – and finishes with a twist of citrus.

As rations kept for the British Navy, sailors found out unique ways to test the proper alcohol content. This was done by combining gin with gun powder and igniting to ensure 114 proof.

• Size: 750 ml
• 114 Proof
• 57% ALC by Volume


Double Cask Gin

At Driftless Glen, we are passionate about quality, innovation, and creativity.

Our Double Cask Gin is finished with both new and used oak bourbon barrels and afterward combined, making this gin unique and fit for the discerning Bourbon drinker.

We think you will find this offering as distinctive as the terroir that Driftless Glen calls home.

Aged for 6-9 months
• Size: 750 ml
• 117.2 Proof
• 58.6% ALC by Volume


Bronze Medal
American Craft Spirits Awards (ACSA) 2017


New American Gin

Innovation and experimentation ignite a softer take on gin.

Driftless Glen’s New American Gin is known as a gentler gin. It’s citrus forward flavor with lemon and organic orange peel forward notes – delights and differentiates this juniper-based concoction.

New American Gin is handcrafted at our Driftless Glen distillery in Baraboo Wisconsin. This Gin is made with water from the Driftless Area – the place the glaciers left untouched.

Excellent with tonic or in a cocktail.

• Size: 750 ml
• 92 Proof
• 46% ALC by Volume