Driftless Glen

An American Distillery


Taste The American Spirit

DG Bourbon Whiskey is handcrafted using local ingredients from the Driftless Region of Wisconsin. This region is distinctive to the rest of the world because of the combination of temperature, water and soil. Distilled from corn and aged in a new American Oak Barrel, the DG Bourbon Whiskey offers a well balanced profile of vanilla and caramel, with soft hints of charred oak.

Rye Whiskey

Bottled at Cask Strength

Driftless Glen Young Rye is the first whiskey our distillery has bottled.  Our Young Rye is 75% rye. We chose to bottle at cask strength to preserve the flavors of a young product.

Each barrel of rye that is bottled is hand picked. We don’t believe in cut and dry age statements or proofs, rather we rely on taste. Every Friday the team at DG taste a number of barrels and only 1 or 2 are selected for bottling. Our distillers hand write on each label which batch your whiskey is from to keep to our hand crafted beliefs.

We hope that the complexity of flavors in our Young Rye will serve as a preview of what’s to come with our longer aging whiskeys.


What makes our Vodka so special?

Vodka is by its very nature a neutral tasting spirit…so what makes Driftless Glen Vodka so special? The water that only our aquifer the sandy soil at the edge of the Driftless area produces. Straight up or as we like to say, “we mix well with others.” It’s the perfect spirit to base your favorite drinks on.

Driftless Glen | Brandy


5 year Reserve

Our expression of brandy doesn’t prefer the grapes that grow readily in our sandy soil. Rather we found the grapes we wanted in France five years ago. They have been aged in French oak for those five years and now are finished here in second cask that formerly held bourbon from a colleague’s distillery. The result is a marriage of complexity and flavor unique to brandy.


Prohibition is over

Inspired by the area history of bootlegging during prohibition and the Baraboo River…the longest restored freestone river in America which is out our front door. Our moonshine is a mixture of grain and cane for smooth sipping right from the bottle. Even our bottle throws back to the time that the premium moonshine came not in jars but in the bottles used by the traveling apothecary.


Not your traditional gin

Wisconsin Gin is much different than your traditional gin using all Wisconsin botanicals. We wanted to make a gin as unique as the driftless area we make it in. This gin is intricately balanced, Wisconsin smooth and nature rich. It has a clean spearmint finish with subtle hints of cone flower and ginger.

Looking to mix some cocktails with our products? Head over to our Driftless Mixology page and we’ll help you serve up a drink to remember.