From Grain to Glass

The Driftless Glen Process

Stage 1


It all starts with the finest, locally-sourced grains. These combined with the crisp, pure, naturally sand filtered water of the Driftless Region provide the foundation for our award-winning, world-class spirits.

Stage 2


By use of water, heat, and powerful enzymes, we extract precious sugars from the grains to achieve maximum yield. The combinations of grains provide the base characteristics for each of our products.

Stage 3


In this crucial step, temperature control and yeast nutrients provide us with a comfortable environment in which the yeast is able to thrive. Over 3-5 days, the yeast cells feed on the sugars and in turn, the sugars are converted into alcohol.

Stage 4


As our copper stills are maintained at a temperature just below boiling, the alcoholic contents of the distiller’s beer are stripped away leaving behind only water and spent grain. By making the cleanest possible heads and tails cuts, we are left with only the purest, most palatable portion of distillate, the hearts.

Stage 5


Our whiskies are then placed into new, charred American oak casks and sent to our rack houses to age. Over years, the expansion and contraction of the barrel soak the spirit into its staves, mellowing the whiskey. Caramelized sugars from the charred inside provide the whiskey with its dark brown color and its rich, caramel flavor.

Stage 6


Finally, when the whiskey is fully matured it is removed from the cask. From there it is gently filtered, then bottled, corked, and sealed by hand. At last, our true grain-to-glass, hand-made spirits are ready to be enjoyed.