Driftless Glen


Premium Vodkas

Pure Class

Vodka is by its very nature a neutral tasting spirit. So what makes ours so special? It’s made with only the water that our aquifer filtered through the sandy soil at the edge of the Driftless area produces. It provides the perfect blank canvas to build your favorite cocktails.
Driftless Glen | Vodka Premium Silver

Premium Vodka

Field to flask – DG premium vodka cascades your palette just as the Driftless areas natural aquifers and sandy soil combine to produce the perfect distilling backdrop.

DG premium vodka’s neutral, smooth taste is the base to compliment a well crafted cocktail or keep it simple and enjoy over ice. Driftless Glen’s Premium Vodka is distilled to appeal to connoisseurs of all variations.

  • Size: 750 ml
  • 80 Proof
vodka lemon -silver

Lemon Vodka

A refreshing combination creating distinct character.

Fresh lemon compliments and creates the light, refreshing and just right taste. Driftless Glen creates the best lemon drop martini – Renee’s Lemon Drop or enjoy by simply pairing with ice.

  • Size: 750 ml
  • 80 Proof
vodka cucumber - silver

Cucumber Vodka

Cool as a cucumber – the meaning of this only elevates as you take a smooth sip of DG Cucumber Vodka.

Refreshing, light and elevated cucumber notes come through in a subtle, yet exciting way. A number one favorite of our early DG visitors – this hand crafted spirit compliments many DG mixology creations.

  • Size: 750 ml
  • 80 Proof