The First Annual Driftless Glen

Cocktail Contest

1st prize takes home $1,500!

Contest Details

DATE April 8
TIME To Be Announced




Venue Gallery

Rules & Application Information

Driftless Glen & Romano Beverage Hosting 1st Annual Chicago Cocktail Competition

We are excited to host a  mixology competition at Hospitality 201 in Chicago on April 8th.


All cocktail recipes must be submitted by To Be Announced. Cocktails can be submitted by filling out the application form below (click here).

Any submissions received after midnight will not be considered to compete.



  1. The main spirit used in the production of the cocktail must be Driftless Glen spirits.  Our spirits will be made available to competitors on the day of the competition. Spirit modifiers are acceptable.
  2. Hospitality 201 will have DG Spirits available the day of the competition. Competitors will present us with the cocktail they submitted online. Basic ingredients will be provided. Special syrups, Liqueurs and garnishes should be brought in by the competitor.
  3. Competitors should prepare to make enough of the cocktail to produce at least 2 complete cocktails.
  4. We will provide glassware, but special glassware can be brought in.
  5. Each cocktail must be submitted with a name and the inspiration behind it.
  6. Cocktail submissions will be tasted and reviewed blindly by a 3 person panel of judges consisting of distillery members and industry professionals.
  7.  The Ten competitors selected to compete will be notified on March 18.
  8.  This specific competition is being hosted for Chicago.



  1. All judging will be executed blindly.
  2. Each contestant will have a set amount of time (to be announced) to execute their cocktail.
  3. There will be 1 round. One winner will be selected.
  • Round 1: Will be 10 contestants creating the cocktail that was submitted on-line. One winner will be selected.



  1. $1,500 cash prize
  2. Top 10 bartenders will be featured on the DG website with picture, bio and place of employment.
  3. Winner will receive a day trip to tour and have lunch at the Driftless Glen Distillery and Restaurant.
  4. The top cocktail has the potential to be featured at the Driftless Glen bar and restaurant based on state regulations.

Entry Form