Exclusive Release: Vanilla Finished Bourbon

Just in time for fall! Our newest Exclusive Release – Vanilla Finished Bourbon will be making its debut this Friday, September 1st.


We took our 5-year bourbon and aged it for an additional 9 months in a vanilla barrel. The vanilla barrel was made from French Oak and first had Cognac aging in it for 20 years before having vanilla extract (made with Madagascar Vanilla Beans) in it for an additional year.

Grab a bottle, try a pour, and see if you can pick up some of the “baked goods” tasting notes that the DG team found: banana bread, chocolate chip cookie, streusel cake, and cinnamon roll, to name a few.

5+ years old. 100 proof. $69.95 per bottle with a 2-bottle limit per person. Available at the distillery only. Email info@driftlessglen.com with any questions. Cheers!