Driftless Glen Featured in Whisky Advocate


Distillers Nathan and Max at Driftless Glen walk through the rackhouse, surrounded by barrels of aging whiskey. The image was featured on the front of the Whiskey Advocate article.

CEO and co-founder Reneé Bemis told Whisky Advocate that business is booming, even as much of the whiskey industry struggles to bounce back after months of lockdown. Driftless Glen’s retail sales have surged amid the pandemic.

Meanwhile, Baraboo, Wisconsin-based Driftless Glen Distillery is actually doing better than ever, thanks in part to its size. “We’re a larger craft distillery,” says CEO and co-founder Reneé Bemis, noting that Driftless Glen produces 1,200–1,500 barrels a year. But the distillery also owes its success to the foresight of Bemis and her husband, Brian. “About three or four years ago, we made a strategic marketing plan to push for off-premise [sales],” Bemis explains. “We figured on-premise [business] would come organically from the off-premise.” Their strategy worked out well, as liquor stores have remained open while, in many places, bars and restaurants have closed. “We’re probably doing double what we did last year in sales,” Bemis estimates, noting that Driftless Glen’s single-barrel program has thrived. And while fewer people are visiting the distillery’s gift shop and restaurant—which reopened in May—compared to last year, they’re buying more bottles. “Last month [July] we had our best month ever, and this month we’re looking to beat that,” she adds.

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