Driftless Glen Ultimate Gift Guide

The Driftless Glen Ultimate Gift Guide for every person in your life. We compiled a list of our top recommendations from the distillery to help you!


Anybody & Everybody 

Those people who are hard to shop for? We have you covered…

  • #1) Bourbon Toffee – $14.95
    • Our friends at Prairie Junction Farms right here in Wisconsin use our own flagship Small Batch Bourbon to make this DELICIOUS bourbon toffee. You can not go wrong gifting a bag of this to any person on your list!
  • #2) Grey Beanie – $19.95
    • A great stocking stuffer. Keeps your ears warm and goes with everything! It’s on everybody’s winter wishlist.
  • #3) Gift Cards – any amount
    • We know, we know, gift cards might be a cop-out present when you don’t know what else to get somebody. But, they really are good for anything – use them at the restaurant, for tours & tastings, to purchase bottles, and more! Available in any amount, whether it’s $25, $200, or anything in between.
  • #4) Bourbon de Naranjadistillery only, can not buy online
    • An exclusive release that is only available at the distillery! Features our 4+ year Bourbon finished 6+ months in orange-infused sherry barrels from France. Notes of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon.
  • #5) Barrel Headdistillery only, can not buy online
    • These barrel heads come from the same cooperage that we get our barrels from! They have the Driftless Glen logo laser-engraved on them and make for a great bar centerpiece or home decor.

Outdoor Lovers

Those folks that enjoy spending time in nature will appreciate these…

  • #1) DG Flannel – $59.95
    • Ah, cold months in Wisconsin. Bourbon is a necessity. So is a flannel. This warm long sleeve with buttons and a leather patch does the trick!
  • #2) S’More Moonshinedistillery only, can not buy online
    • Nearly a million people a year camp a mile from our distillery at beautiful Devil’s Lake. On any given night the smell of this fireside favorite fills the air. Now folks can take home in a jar the flavor that they enjoy around the campground.
  • #3) Frisbee Golf Discs – $19.95
    • The white Dynamic Discs approach putter is customized with our logo and perfect for throwing. Whether you’re tossing it around on the frolf course or just around the backyard, it’s an outdoor favorite.
  • #4) Black DG YETI With Handle – $45.95
    • This black DG YETI will keep hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold! Perfect for taking any beverage anywhere – especially some Driftless Glen bourbon. 30 oz with a mag slide lid, a handle, and a DG logo.
  • #5) 6-Pack Golf Balls – $26.95
    • Take DG out on the links. These are 6-ball boxes of Callaway Warbirds. Inside of the box is 2 sleeves of 3 balls. We also sell individual balls as well, $4.95 each (great stocking stuffers!).

For The Ladies

Mom? Grandma? Girlfriend? Look no further…

  • #1) Bourbon Babe Shirt – $27.95
    • This one is for the ladies. Stylish, comfy, and cool.
  • #2) Soy Bourbon Candle – $29.95
    • This soy bourbon candle comes in a recycled Driftless Glen bottle, and smells like it as well! Bring the scent of the DG rackhouse right to your living room.
  • #3) Copper Muddler – $15.95
    • These fancy schmancy DG copper muddlers are the coolest tools to smash your fruits and bitters with! A necessity for Old Fashioned making.
  • #4) Red DG YETI – $34.95
    • This red DG YETI will keep hot drinks and cold drinks cold. Perfect for taking any beverage anywhere – especially some Driftless Glen bourbon. 20 oz with a mag slide lid and a DG logo.
  • #5) WisconGindistillery only, can not buy online
    • WisconGin is not your traditional gin. This intricately balanced Gin is crafted using only locally sourced Wisconsin organic botanicals. With its clean spearmint finish and subtle hints of cardamom and ginseng, it’s sure to capture your palette.


Notoriously hard to shop for. Check out these unique ideas…

  • #1) Navy YETI Lowball – $29.95
    • This YETI Lowball Rambler comes in navy with a Driftless Glen logo and a mag slider lid. Perfect for taking bourbon with you anywhere! 10 oz.
  • #2) Port-Finished Bourbondistillery only, can not buy online
    • Our beloved Port-Finished bourbon made its return! Features our 4+ year Bourbon finished in Ruby port barrels for about 6 months. It has a dark, sweet flavor, with hints of fresh berries and red currants.
  • #3) Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips – $19.95
    • Add unique flavor at home! Use Driftless Glen Whiskey Barrel Smoking Chips to “Taste the American Spirit” even when you’re not at the distillery.
  • #4) Grey Zip-Up Hoodie – $55.95
    • So. Soft. This grey zip-up hoodie is the coziest fleece sweatshirt ever! Perfect for wearing in these cold Wisconsin winters.
  • #5) DG Brown Hat – $24.95
    • This DG brown hat goes with everything. And we mean everything. It is a classic ballcap with the Driftless Glen logo. Nothing too flashy.

Under $20

We know you’re on a budget – aren’t we all? Some are even under $10 – and under $5…

  • #1) DG Can Koozie – $4.95
    • Comes in slim or regular! Perfect for those times when you can’t be drinking DG, but would rather be.
  • #2) Cucumber Vodkadistillery only, can not buy online
    • Cool as a cucumber. Refreshing, light, and elevated cucumber notes come through in a subtle, yet exciting way. A number one favorite of our early DG visitors – this hand-crafted spirit compliments many DG mixology creations.
  • #3) Blue Whiskey 5x Shirt – $19.95
    • This soft blue shirt is the comfiest you’ll find. Show others your love for whiskey! 5x your love, in fact.
  • #4) Old Fashioned Glass – $8.95
    • Grab an Old Fashioned glass (or two!) so that you can enjoy a delicious Old Fashioned – or any cocktail, for that matter – in the correct drinkware.
  • #5) Wisconsin Sticker – $1.95
    • This Wisconsin sticker is cut out in the shape of the state that we are so proud to handcraft our spirits in! Get one to show your Driftless love.

In addition to all of the great products that we featured in our Driftless Glen Ultimate Gift Guide, you can find more on our shop page.


You can also make your own gift crate! Purchase a wooden box, fill it with items that you hand-pick, and we will give you 10% off of everything in it. Build your own at the distillery or try our recommended combos below:

  • #1) Rudolph’s Recipe: WisconGin + Flannel + Red YETI
  • #2) It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Cocktails: Lemon Vodka + Bourbon Babe Shirt + Old Fashioned Glass
  • #3) We Whiskey You A Merry Christmas: Small Batch Bourbon + Black Crewneck Sweatshirt + Grey Beanie
  • #4) ‘Tis The Season To Be Tipsy: Double Cask Gin + White Long Sleeve + Copper Muddler
  • #5) Eat, Drink, & Be Merry: Bourbon Toffee + Port-Finished Bourbon + Grey Zip-Up Hoodie

We hope that everybody has a happy holiday season! Stay warm and healthy. We are happy to help you find any Driftless Glen gifts that you might be looking for, just stop in at 300 Water St, message us, or call 608-356-4536. And, as always, “Taste the American Spirit”.