Driftless Glen Exclusive Release: Bourbon de Naranja


We are so very excited to announce our exclusive release of Bourbon de Naranja, which features our 4+ year bourbon finished 6+ months in orange-infused sherry barrels from Spain.


These barrels have been on quite the journey before coming to us. In fact, a barrel broker explained that they’re “worth their weight in gold from a cask-finishing perspective”.

The staves began in Pennsylvania and were made with American White Oak (Appalachian), before being shipped to Spain and constructed to higher-than-industry standards in a cooperage in Jerez.

Then they were “seasoned” with sacrificial sherry for a year and placed into a Solera System for many years, which is the traditional Spanish technique of fractional aging sherry. After years of sherry contact, the barrels lost their tannin content and eventually developed deep, complex flavors (creme caramel, toffee, dried fruits, and hazelnuts) and aromatics (leather, sandalwood, roasted nuts, and exotic spices).

In the meantime, the orange flavoring essence was created. This was done by macerating orange peels from Seville in wine alcohol for 6+ months until the particular orange notes were extracted. The orange peels were separated from the wine alcohol after the maceration was complete.

The orange flavoring essence, grapes harvested from Huelva County, and alcohol were all combined together to create the Vino Naranja (orange wine), also known as orange-infused sherry. The orange-infused sherry was then placed into the barrels and aged for a minimum of two years.


In early 2021, two orange-infused sherry barrels were sent to us from Spain. They arrived wet, with nearly a quart of liquid in them, and we filled them with our 4+ year bourbon. It aged for 6+ months in our Wisconsin rackhouse, before being bottled.

Enjoy notes of orange, vanilla, and cinnamon in this delicious, limited-time offering that’s perfect for the holidays. The Bourbon de Naranja is only available to purchase at the distillery (300 Water St in Baraboo) and bottles are $100 each, plus tax. Hurry, they won’t last long!