Feeling green? From corned beef to a tipsy shamrock, we have you covered this month.

Celebrate all things March with us ☘️ Not only will we have lunch and dinner specials for a limited time, but we also have two festive drinks: Pot O’ Gold & Tipsy Shamrock! Call 608-356-4536 for reservations or make your reservation online.  

Food Specials

These St. Patrick’s Day food specials will be offered beginning on Wednesday, March 17th. We will serve them until they are gone, and they will be in addition to our everyday menu.

Lunch: Traditional Reuben ($12)

Thinly sliced corned beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, & 1,000 island dressing on grilled marble rye bread.

Appetizer: Corned Beef & Cabbage Rolls ($12)

Corned beef in a seasoned mustard sauce with rye bread and herbed aioli wrapped in cabbage.

Dinner: Traditional Corned Beef & Cabbage ($15)

A half-pound of tender corned beef with cabbage, herbed red potatoes, and baby carrots. Served with Irish soda bread.

Dinner: Corned Beef Boxty ($15)

A large potato pancake filled with a blend of corned beef, shredded cabbage, and swiss cheese. Topped with a stout Irish mustard sauce and served with mashed potatoes and baby carrots.

Drink Specials

These drink specials are both $8 each and will be offered all month long!

Pot O’ Gold

Driftless Glen Bourbon, Peach Puree, Lemonade, Pineapple Juice, & a Lemon Twist Garnish

Tipsy Shamrock

Driftless Glen S’Mores Rivershine, Green Mint, Cream, & a Chocolate Swirl

For Your Peace of Mind

Please, wear a mask when entering to help protect yourself, our staff, and other customers. Of course, you can take your mask off while you are enjoying all of our handcrafted cocktails and delicious cuisine. We also have bottles of our hand-sanitizer available on every table and throughout the building. In January, we added new air purifiers to the restaurant that have the ability to remove 99.6% of virus-sized particles and airborne particulates from a 1,250 square foot room two times per hour.

Come visit us soon 💚 We can’t wait for you to enjoy all of the green specials this month of March at Driftless Glen! Call 608-356-4536 for reservations or make your reservation online