New Distillery Apparel

As much as we don’t want summer to leave us, our new distillery apparel makes us excited for winter to come! Not only do we have soft winter beanies, but we have 1/4 zip fleece sweatshirts, long sleeve pocket tees, and stadium hoodies.

Soft winter beanies

This grey Driftless Glen beanie has a round red patch on the front with a black DG logo. It’s 3 words: Soft. Stylish. Super sweet. That might be 4 words, we know. But it’s true! This beanie is the perfect hat for winter, and is a great gift.

1/4 zip fleece sweatshirts

This grey fleece DG 1/4 zip sweatshirt is the comfiest and coziest piece of clothing that you will wear all winter. And, it has pockets! Yes, pockets. Nothing better to wear while you’re sipping hot cocoa around a warm fire.

Long sleeve pocket tees

This long sleeve logo pocket t-shirt in navy is everything you could ask for in a casual shirt. A pocket on the front? A logo on the back? We got you covered for both.

Stadium hoodies

This navy stadium hoodie is a classic sweatshirt with a fleece lining, kangaroo pocket, and adjustable strings. USA colors, too! It’s nice and thick and fuzzy to keep your insides warm on those days when you can’t always drink whiskey.

New stadium hoodie and 1/4 zip fleece sweatshirt