Driftless Glen Distillery, Baraboo Wisconsin was just featured this spring by Chicago Tribune as a Top 10 weekday or weekend destination.

The article shares places of worthy mention to explore, relax, and try new things not too far from Chicago land. Will you join us?

Chicago Tribune goes on to say, “Whether you’re looking to get away for a weekend or a day, we’ve grouped the best escapes into the kind of trip you want to take: romantic, group, relaxing, active or foodie. So pick a place, put some gas in the car and blow this popsicle stand.”

What category do you think Driftless Glen falls into?

We would of course say, romantic, group, relaxing, active, and foodie. YES, all of them and here is why:

Romantic – enjoy a beautiful dinner with your special someone. Don’t’ forget the perfect pairing of our Spirits. Our mixologists can make some worthy recommendations.

Group – Driftless Glen is a spot to host the perfect dinner party, corporate gathering, bridal shower, and pretty much any event you can imagine.

Relaxing – relax and unwind in the middle or at the end of the day with Driftless Glen. Spirits, Mixology, Food, Tastings, Tours oh my.

Active – Grab your sweetheart or a group of your closest friends. Join us for a private tour and tasting or register for one of our courses. We like to share in your memories, so come be a part of DG.

Foodie – Spirits are our number one game, but where there are great spirits there must also be amazing food. Our Baraboo Restaurant is well known as the perfect pairing for our handcrafted spirit focus.

Driftless Glen is the destination point after an active weekday or weekend trip to the Baraboo area.

Our relaxing setting, handcrafted spirits and delicious food are the perfect beginning or ending to your trip.

We welcome travelers from all over the world each week and are thankful that Driftless Glen is a chosen spot to visit while adventuring. Thank you Chicago Tribune for sharing our Distillery with your readers.

So when in our next of the woods, we hope you do what Chicago Tribune recommends, “When you’ve had your fill of the outdoors, head to nearby Baraboo’s Driftless Glen Distillery for handcrafted Wisconsin gin, brandy, rye, bourbon or whiskey.”

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Driftless Glen is set just around the hillsides of the Baraboo valley, purposely nestled along the river that flows as smoothly as the spirits distilled inside. Tucked into the heart of Baraboo, also known as the Driftless Area of the Midwest – it is the perfect location where corn and chemistry unite. The history and roots of the area run just as deep as the bloodlines and pedigree of the distillers who create the award winning spirits that are reaching the palettes of and growing the confidence and following of the DG community.

Driftless Glen is the Destination.