Driftless Glen is proud to announce it competed at the Chicago Heartland Spirits Fest and left with a smile and a silver medal. The DG Bourbon Whiskey was a showstopper, but we believe this is just the start for our handcrafted spirits.

Heartland Spirits Fest is the largest craft spirits festival In Chicago…Ever. The fest is held annually in May.  It is a celebration of Craft Cocktails and Farm-To-Table Food.
Driftless Glen Distillery from the very start has been committed to our field to flask promise or grain to glass, if you will. The perfect terrain and chemistry ignite using only the finest of ingredients from the native Driftless area.
We are proud to be a part of the movement going on. Just as Heartland Spirits states, “This movement going on, it’s rooted right here in the heartland.” We couldn’t agree more as the Driftless Glen movement is rooted right here in the Driftless area.

These two movements are driven by hard work and good old-fashioned midwestern values.  We create things from just as they were and just as they are.

Craft spirits and the following and startup are a phenom that will only keep growing. Our promise is one of perfection, keeping to the roots and traditions and serving our clients one heck of an experience that keeps them appreciating just what it takes to create the perfect spirit.

At Driftless Glen we distill our very own Bourbons, Whiskies, Brandy, vodkas, gins, and moonshines.

We are thankful to Heartland Spirits and the annual Fest that is carrying the craft spirit and designed to celebrate distilleries like ourselves who put heart into what we do.

Driftless Glen featured on WGN News: http://wgntv.com/2017/05/18/midday-fix-preview-of-the-heartland-spirits-fest/