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Driftless Glen WisconGinWisconGin

Our WisconGin is much different than your traditional gin using all Wisconsin botanicals. We wanted to make a gin as unique as the driftless area we make it in. This gin is intricately balanced, Wisconsin smooth and nature rich. It has a clean spearmint finish with subtle hints of cone flower and ginger. 



New American Gin at Driftless Glen WINew American Gin

Our interpretation on the American Gin is a softer, gentler gin. New American Gin is very citrus forward with lemon and organic orange peel as the forward notes. This recipe was created by one of our distillers that happens to be one of the only female distillers in Wisconsin.



Navy StrNavy Strength Gin at Driftless Glenength Gin

Infused with traditional botanicals the bouquet of this gin opens throughout the entire spirit playing on the classical juniper notes of pre-prohibition gins. As rations kept for the British Navy, sailors found out a unique way to test the proper alcohol content. This was done by combining gin with gun powder and igniting to ensure 114 proof.



Double Barrel GinDouble Casked Gin

Double Casked Gin is our take on a barrel aged gin. As a huge whiskey distillery, we are constantly finding ways to incorporate barrel aging into our spirits. This is made by taking a gin spirit distilled in house and aging it simultaneously in a new oak barrel and a used bourbon barrel; then blending. This gin does an amazing job at incorporating great oak flavors without losing the impact of botanicals. Very juniper forward and long lasting citrus through the middle yet the finish is warm, endearing and mellow.

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