Front rock and rye

Savor the Rye to Save the Rock


Driftless Glen’s “Rock N Rye” pays homage to the iconic guitar riffs of Rock N Roll past and present. Sit back pour and unleash your inner Rock Star!

For every bottle of Rock N Rye sold, Driftless Glen will donate $0.25 to the founders 5013c foundation that will contribute to charitable causes.

“Rock N Rye”, like Rock N Roll, is an old classic. Back in  the day when Rye whiskey was the #1 spirit, bartenders flavored the rye whiskey with rock candy and citrus. Driftless Glen has created our own version of the spirit.  Our easy-flavored “Rock N Rye” keeps to the old standard with an innovative twist … something unique, fun and fresh take on an old favorite.

Now serving at the Driftless Glen bar!